Adult Autism Treatment Account

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Adult Autism Treatment Account (AATA)

The Adult Autism Treatment Account Program administers, determines eligibility for, and awards funding for the treatment of qualified individuals by awarding a grant from the program on behalf of an applicant to a qualified provider for adult autism treatment.

A six-member advisory committee oversees this AATA fund, which consists of gifts, grants, donations, or any other conveyance of money made to the fund from private sources, interest earned on money in the account, and money appropriated by the Legislature.

Eligibility Requirements:

A Qualified individual is an individual who:

  • is at least 22 years old;
  • is a resident of the state;
  • has been diagnosed by a qualified professional as having: an autism spectrum disorder; or another neurodevelopmental disorder requiring significant supports through treatment using applied behavior analysis; and
  • needs significant supports for a condition, as demonstrated by formal assessments of the individual's: cognitive ability; adaptive ability; behavior; and communication ability.

How to Donate Directly to the Fund

Mail your check or money order to:

Adult Autism Treatment Account (AATA)
PO Box 144610
Salt Lake City UT 84114-4610

Please make the check or money order out to the Adult Autism Treatment Account. All donations to the AATA fund are tax deductible.

Application Process

The AATA is currently accepting applications.

A Qualified Individual's application is completed by the applicant’s Qualified Provider.

The packet including the following forms is completed and returned to the AATA. The packet must be complete prior to the case being reviewed by the AATA Advisory Committee.

Review by the AATA Advisory Committee of the provider's qualifications, the individual's qualifications, and the services proposed. A determination to grant assistance is made by the AATA Advisory Committee. In some cases, the provider is granted access to the full amount or a partial amount.

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Adult Autism Treatment Account (AATA)
PO Box 144610
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4610


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